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News - Car Loans - News and Tips

Secured or unsecured car loans.

Generally, secured loans are easier to obtain as the car you are buying is a security for the loan. More about: secured or unsecured car loans

Car loans and car purchase

Before purchasing a car it is a good idea to do some research. The extent of the research required will depend on whether the car purchased is a used car or a new car. More about: car loans and car purchase

Loans for manufacturing electric cars

The USA government has setup 'Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program' with US$25 billion budget to assist car manufacturers in transition to building cars with low pollution emissions. More about: loans for manufacturing electric cars

Australian car sales on the increase

The latest figures shows that car sales in Australia for January 2010 have increased by 11.6% when comparing with January 2009 . More about: car sales on the increase

Finding right car loans

When purchasing an a car, the subject of financing can confuse or intimidate some consumers . More about: finding riight car loans

Car loans and bad credit

By selecting your lending company carefully and working to improve your credit history, you can often get a better deal on financing. More about: car loans and bad credit

Understanding car loans

Some helpful definitions for terms you may encounter while looking for automotive financing. More about: car loans and bad credit

Car loans affordability

Whether or not you can afford to buy a new vehicle may depend more on the specific car loans available to you, than the price of the car itself. More about: car loans affordability

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